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We work with you by contractual agreement. The information you send us and the INFORMIGENT REPORT we send back contains private information. We take privacy of information very seriously. For this reason, we need to establish a clear understanding between us. That understanding is spelled out in a client contract. We offer a FREE report once the contractual agreement is signed. Thereafter, you pay for reports only as you receive them. There is no obligation or cost until you order your second report.

We ask that you use our lease application. The lease application will obtain your tenant’s authorization for you to send the information to us and for us to use that information to create a report. This authorization is intended to protect you and Informigent Corporation.

You will come to value our reports as an important part of every lease transaction decision. The INFORMIGENT REPORT should be used in the lease approval package. After the lease is signed, the INFORMIGENT REPORT should become a permanent part of the tenant’s lease file. The INFORMIGENT REPORT will show you did your due diligence on multiple levels.